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Experience Care Consulting 

My dream as someone with lived experience is to come alongside those caring for kids in foster care or who've been adopted in order to better their experiences.


Tina Bauer

Educator, Adoptee, and former Foster Youth

Being passionate about coming alongside foster and adoptive parents is not just a dream I have - it's personal. I was adopted from foster care and so I've been where many of your kids are. I hope that I can offer you meaningful insight into parenting children who have lived through similar trauma and create a better foster care or adoption experience for them. 


Consultation Training & Resources


Consulting and Training

For foster and adoptive parents, professionals, and those wanting to learn from experience

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For parents and teachers of kids who have been adopted and/or are in foster care

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Recommended By


Rin D.

“Tina provides invaluable insight from a needed perspective for foster and adoptive parents.  The ability to glean from the experience of someone who has walked in my children’s shoes allows me a perspective that breeds understanding, and empathy. That combined with her educational background and experience working with children through a trauma-informed lens makes her an ideal consultant for the foster parent hoping to understand their child and how to best support them as their parent.”

Mallory M.

“I appreciate Tina so much and she has consistently been one of my favorite voices to learn from over the years. She doesn't sugar coat the hard and is realistic about all sides of the adoption triad and foster care. Most recently, I have loved Tina's guiding voice on how I can help my (adopted) daughter build relationship with her first/bio mom but also maintain boundaries if necessary.”

Megan P.

“Tina has offered pieces of her own story as a former foster + adoptive youth in ways that have affirmed, challenged and educated me and my role in the fostering community. When I have felt especially challenged or sensitive to something Tina has shared from her perspective, I have appreciated her reminders that what she shares is from her own experiences and she has often answered my questions when I have asked for a deeper understanding or clarification. ”


Consulting Is

  • Guidance and insight
  • Resources and supports
  • Education and discussion of specific topics
  • Gaining information and perspective

Consulting Is Not

  • Legal advice or services
  • Diagnosing
  • Providing mental health services
  • Social Services
  • Addressing urgent or emergent concerns or situations
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